Healthy and Nutritious can be Delicious



We have catered at many large and small outdoor music festivals, shows and events around the UK and Europe. We adjust our menus and setups according to the size of the event. We always make sure to offer first class service even in the middle of a field. All our produce is freshly delivered every day from our dedicated suppliers to ensure the freshest ingredients possible. Healthy and Nutritious can be delicious is our motto, we are capable of producing good quality street food with the best of ingredients!



With plenty of experience in these services at various small events we are sure to make your crew and all the artists happy with what we can offer. You can mix and match the items you want us to serve from our menu to suit your production budget! We are happy to discuss any other dietary requirements and are flexible to adjust our menus and services according to your needs. Whether is in the middle of a field or the side of a mountain we will be able to keep serving and feeding your crew at any cost.  Our crew are fully trained to adjust and keep their cool in whatever situation they are in! Click here to find a sample of our menu.


Crew Catering

With a state-of-the-art kitchen onboard, we are sure to satisfy all your crew’s needs at any time of day! Our chefs are fully trained for high volume quantities. We have catered for backstage crew and artist in various events around Europe. We can offer the best value for money in this field. We have a wide selection of items to choose from to create that unique experience that fits your budget. We cater for Allergens and have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. We are happy to add and adjust our menus according to your crew requirements!



With the help of our chefs we are confident to make all your crew happy. One of the owners has been in the catering industry for over 30 years with several Restaurants and Pub experiences under his belt. Eleven years ago he switched his full attention on just event catering. Originally coming from the Mediterranean, it is no news to us to make the best dishes out of the best ingredients, executed efficiently for the high standard the industry requires. Click here to find a sample of our menu.

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