Quenchers Smoothies

In this unit we specialise mainly in Breakfasts options and afternoon and late night snacks. We do fresh fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed orange juice, old school toasties and Wraps filled with ingredients from around the world. We open 24 hours, mainly at festival campsites and use this unit at large scale events. We also use this unit to feed big crews behind the scenes as it is fully equipped to feed large amounts of people efficiently.

Lovin' the Oven

This is our biggest unit and it is well equipped for location catering or festival catering. With two mega ovens on board we can serve anything from this unit. All the front cabinets are food warmers and the one in the middle is refrigerated for freshly made salads. At music festivals we specialise in Oven Baked English breakfast and Home Made Pasta Bakes, but for location catering we can serve a full ala carte menu form this unit without a problem as it is build for large scale catering services.  

Quenchers Shack

This is our fresh fruit smoothies and loaded toasties shack. All our smoothies are freshly made and our customers can mix and match the fruit they wanna put in their smoothies. We also do loaded toasties to go with their freshly made drinks. We have various options available and we adjust our menus yearly to go with the trends! We mainly use this unit at music festivals, fairs and shows.

The BBQ Pod

This is our tiniest catering unit and we go wherever possible with it to serve amazing BBQ street food. We have an amazing menu onboard and we do weddings, small events, fairs, agriculture shows, and festivals with it! We can serve any type of BBQ food from this unit even though the size of it is small! We have amazing BBQ chefs with us! We serve from BBQ pulled pork, Texan smoky ribs to home made Beef and Chicken burgers to die for!

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