About our food!

We can cater for any budget and dietary needs. This is a sample of all the dishes we serve.

All our tea, coffee, hot chocolate, bananas and sugar used are Fair-trade.

All meat/dairy is a minimum standard of British Red Tractor, British free range, RSPCA Freedom Food or certified organic.

We only serve fish that is listed on the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Fish to Eat’ list.

Individually packaged meals & contactless food delivery

Due to Covid we had to change our food preparation procedures and the way of serving our food. We are flexible with our menu so we introduced packaged meals for individual servings.

We adjusted our menu to make sure that all the above offered options can be served in our top notch packaging and that everything will arrive warm and delicious to our clients by our drivers.  

All our consumables are Composable and will keep the food warm when delivered to your crew or to your homes. All our staff wear masks while preparing all the food.