About Us

We started our business way back in 2009 and have traded at various large events around the United Kingdom and across Europe. The passion for music, travelling and good food is what made us drive all the way to the United Kingdom from Malta with our van the very first time! We started selling our food at music festivals and everyone seemed to like it! We started growing and never looked back! Coming from the Mediterranean made it easy for us to serve all our food from fresh and we made sure to keep it the same along the years! Homemade is something we keep at heart in the Mediterranean so with the help of our chefs, we still prepare all the food we serve from fresh before each event to this day!


We are efficient and Hardworking! All our staff are trained for high volume quantities but still serve everyone with a smile. Everything is freshly prepared on order and served as quickly as possible to ensure that all customers are served in no time!


We have an amazing team so we can keep serving fresh food 24-hours at any event! Full menu is always available.


Minimising our impact on planet earth was always very important for us, single use plastic was never used in our units since we started operating way back in 2009. All our cutlery is wooden, all our straws, coffee and smoothie cups are made from compostable paper and we only use recycled serviettes! We also have a ban on sugar sachets in all our units and all our staff never use any disposables during the whole season! Since 2018, all the drinks and water sold in our units are only in aluminium cans and we add new green procedures to our business every year to keep helping this marvellous global cause of reducing plastics from our lovely planet! We also have a no-food waste policy in all our units. We make sure to make the correct orders and food preparation to waste as little food as possible to respect all the people starving around the world!


Big Portions and Good quality ingredients at reasonable prices

Allergen Friendly

All our menus have all the allergens marked next to each item. All our staff are fully trained on all the allergens found in the food we serve.

Where we've been!

Health and Safety Certification

All our units are compliant with all the Health and safety Regulations

All Pat testing and CORGI are updated yearly according to UK regulations

We are registered with NCASS and have a five star rating with EHO