• Breakfast

      Start your day the right way! Various breakfast options available for you

    • Full English Breakfast

      Served with Freshly Baked buns

      Scrambled Eggs, Lincolnshire Sausage, Grilled Tomatoes, Porcini Mushrooms, Hash Browns, Avocado Slices, Crispy Bacon, Baked Beans

      Coffee/Tea/Orange Juice

    • Croque Monsieur

      2 slices of white/multigrain bread with butter and Dijon mustard filled with Gruyere cheese and Ham, baked in a cheesy béchamel sauce.
    • Porridge

      Served with different toppings.

    • Cereals

      A selection of granola, oats and corn flakes all British sourced served with natural yogurt, cinnamon and honey.

    • Traditional English Pancakes

      Served with delicious seasonal berries and maple syrup

    • Freshly Baked Croissants

      A selection of plain, almond, and custard filled croissants.

    • Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter

      Served with organic strawberry yogurt.

    • Fresh Fruit Smoothies & Juices

    • Berry Explosion

      Raspberries, blueberries, Strawberries & Bananas & apple juice

    • Energizer

      Fresh Mango, fresh carrots, apple juice & ginger

    • Mango Tango

      Mango & pineapple & apple juice

    • Pink Bananas

      Bananas and strawberries, milk, honey & cinnamon

    • Strawberry squeeze

      Strawberries, pears, and apple juice

    • Fresh Apple Juice

    • Fresh Orange Juice